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teamshop.onisswiss.ch is a site owned by ONIS SPORTSWEAR SRL, registered office in Via Campo Romano n.30/32 – Spirano (Bergamo) Italy, registered in the Milan Business Register with REA BG 312062, share capital € 100,000.00 – VAT number 02651920163 – pec: onis@pec.it. By accessing and using the website teamshop.onisswiss.ch

you agree to the general conditions stated herein. In case of non-acceptance of the conditions the user is requested not to use the said site.


The entire content of the site, consisting of photographs, images, videos, sounds, text, data sheets, graphic settings, color palettes, programming codes, software, and in general everything contained visually and technically on the teamshop.onisswiss.ch site is to be considered the property of ONIS SPORTSWEAR (henceforth referred to as ONIS); reproduction is prohibited unless prior permission is obtained.


The Onis trademark, in its variants, textual Onisswiss, Onis Sportswear, Onis Sport and in the graphic version are trademarks owned by Onis Swiss Sagl. Use, reproduction, sharing are prohibited. At the same time they are to be considered second and third level, they are the only official domains of Onis. Any protected related domains such as onisswiss.ch, colormask.ch and related other domains bearing the name Onis Swiss in forms other than those on the page above. On the site teamshop.onisswiss.ch there may be links to cited sites, it is in no way traceable to ONIS (example onis-sport.ch). Official pages are to be considered those showing corporate data in any external links. All links on the site, which point to non-proprietary sites directly operated by the owners themselves and do not follow the information here onisswiss.ch, are authorized and voluntarily placed by ONIS. By clicking on related links, you agree to access external sites not owned by ONIS, sites where privacy and cookie policies are present. Acceptance of the privacy and cookie policy on the external site reached through links on teamshop.onisitalia.it is not transferable to external sites not owned by ONIS; therefore, the user is encouraged to read the policy on the sites.

Terms of sale


All products for sale on teamshop.onisswiss.ch are the property of ONIS. When confirming the order, the customer voluntarily accepts the terms of sale stated here and the privacy and cookie policy accepted when browsing. After confirmation of the order, the process of preparing the goods is initiated and together with the issuance of an invoice or fee; these documents are issued by ONIS and sent to the customer deferred to the e-mail address provided during data entry and/or physically along with the shipment. Product prices are expressed including VAT. Instead, any shipping charges are indicated in the order confirmation.

The products that can be purchased on onisitalia.it are only those present on the site at the time of purchase; in case of unavailability of the product itself, ONIS – through direct contact with the customer – undertakes to offer a valid alternative to the unavailable product or to refund the amount paid for the unavailable item. Each product is displayed and described to better represent its characteristics. In some cases, the images used or the digital media (pc, tablet or smartphone) used by the customer may differ or change the photographic rendering of the product. Onis is available for any product clarifications or to provide additional materials. All products available for purchase on ONIS are original products from the direct manufacturers of the products. No products on the site are in any way traceable to non-original reproductions and/or imitations.


To finalize the purchase, the customer must necessarily enter the data necessary for billing and delivery of the order, accepting the privacy policy. Failure to enter certain data or to accept the information in full will affect ONIS’s ability to complete the order itself. Following payment verification, which is automatic for digital payments or manual in the case of bank transfer, the order is processed: the products are prepared and placed in the most appropriate packaging (envelopes or cardboard boxes); then the package is sealed with adhesive tape bearing the Onis logo and the shipping label is applied; finally, it is picked up by logistics services affiliated with Onis (example: GLS, BRT) that will take care of delivery. Any inconsistencies on the data entered in the order such as, for example, addresses or names may lead to delays in delivery or in some cases non-delivery of the order.

ONIS is committed to ensuring that the goods are delivered within the timeframe indicated on the teamshop.onisitalia.it, but is not responsible for delays due to logistics partners and any damages suffered by the customer due to any delays. ONIS may cancel the order at any time if, in its sole discretion, technical causes, procurement difficulties or commercial reasons arise. Any defects in the goods must be reported within 10 days of arrival.


If the Products are to be delivered to a country outside the European Union, the total price stated in the order and reaffirmed in the order confirmation, including indirect taxes (if applicable) shall be exclusive of any customs duties and any other sales taxes, which the Consumer hereby agrees to pay, if due, in addition to the price stated in the order and confirmed in the order confirmation, as provided by the legal provisions of the country to which the Products will be delivered. The Consumer is encouraged to inquire with the relevant bodies in his or her country of residence or destination of the products in order to obtain information on any duties or taxes applied in his or her country of residence or destination of the products. It is the sole responsibility of the Consumer, any additional costs, charges, taxes and/or levy that a given country may apply, for any reason whatsoever to the Products ordered under these Terms and Conditions. The contribution for shipping costs for the Italian territory is 10.00 euros.


Sales of products via the Internet are governed by articles 50 to 68 (“distance contracts”) of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code). This legislation provides consumers with the right to withdraw from contracts or contractual proposals, guaranteeing them the right to return the purchased product and obtain a refund of the expense incurred. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if the product is not intact, that is: in the absence of the original packaging; in the absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, instruction manuals, etc); for damage to the product. The right of withdrawal is reserved exclusively for consumers (natural persons who purchase the goods not for purposes related to their professional, commercial or entrepreneurial activity), therefore it cannot be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes related to the activity professional eventually carried out. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to request, within 30 days of receipt of the goods, the intention to withdraw from the contract. The request must be sent to the email address shop@oniswiss.ch within a maximum of 30 days of receipt of the return request and of the goods, and in any case as soon as possible, ONIS will carry out the credit transfer for the exact amount that the customer has paid for the purchase of the returned goods only on the bank details communicated to us by the customer. Shipping charges are non-refundable. For customized products, NO returns or size/size changes are accepted except for any errors made by ONIS staff.


It is possible to return one or more items ordered in cases where the wrong size or product was ordered, or the goods have defects and/or damage. Returned items must necessarily be in their original condition, show no signs of wear and/or use, and be accompanied by the original box or package including any accessories. The original boxes of the returned products must not show any breakage or signs of damage and must be shipped without any kind of backing (tape, stickers or labels) applied on them, but placed in an additional wrapping (cardboard or envelope) on which the shipping labels must be applied. Returns of products with compromised original packaging will not be accepted. Returns of customized products will not be accepted. Returns will not be accepted and refunded without initiating the above procedure and obtaining ONIS’ consent. The refund will be made within 15 days of receipt of the goods in our warehouses, after inspection of the integrity of the returned products; Onis reserves the right to refuse the return based on when stated above. In the event of an incorrect order by the Consumer (e.g. wrong size) it will be possible to replace the product, charging the shipping costs of 10.00 euros (for the Italian territory).


For shipments to the United States

Customs and import taxes

Foreign orders may be subject to import fees and taxes as soon as delivery arrives in the destination country. If applicable, customs clearance costs are the responsibility of the recipient. Customs regulations vary from country to country. ONIS SWISS SAGL has no influence on fees and cannot provide any information about them. For more information, please contact your local customs authorities.

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